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9 foods that could help prevent cancer

A new study shows that obesity related cancers have risen – even in millennials. Our diets may have the potential to help prevent cancer, along with a healthy lifestyle. Healthista’s Nutrition Director, Rick Hay, explains the foods associated with cancer prevention A study by the American Cancer Society today published findings in The Lancet Public Health… Read More »

Hormonal therapy for aggressive prostate cancer: How long is enough?

Men weighing treatment options for intermediate- or high-risk cancer that is still localized to the prostate can face a tricky question. A standard approach in these cases is to give radiation to the prostate along with drugs that block testosterone, a hormone that makes the cancer cells grow faster. For how long should this hormone… Read More »

Medical News Today: Triple-negative breast cancer: Recurrence and survival rates

Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive form of the disease. To understand it, a person should know about the other types of breast cancer. Some breast cancers have receptor cells that respond to hormones. There are three main types of receptors: Doctors diagnose breast cancer by identifying which receptor is present. They run a series… Read More »